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I’ll take a moment from my do nothing day (I’m calling it vacation) to give a couple more short updates.

For those of you already in the know, Roxanne is doing well and had her drains removed today.  For those of you not in the know, she went through a window shortly after we turned in the U-haul truck.  The window was already cracked and we were out buying the stuff to board it up.  Long story short, she apparently was protecting the house and ended up with 64 stitches and 2 drains, along with mega antibiotics that the pharmacist thought was a misprint on the script and had to verify the dosing.  (No, it was NOT.  That’s what you give a 101# dog who ripped herself open stem to stern, even if it is all superficial).

My baby girl is growing like a weed!  I can’t wait to meet her!


Muse is standing next to a 17.2hh draft mare there.


Chubby little thing, isn’t she?

By the beginning of October, she had already hit 15hh at less than 18 months old.  Both her parents are 16hh even.  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to whether or not she’ll surpass them in height?

I am currently having a “staycation” and sleeping in every day while I can.  No fencing up here just yet, so no ponies at home.  Trying to not let that stress me and trying really hard to just relax for a couple days.

I’m reading blogs, but not commenting much since Dude has been monopolizing my laptop to do school until his desktop is all set up, which will be sometime this weekend.

Hopefully I’ll have something wise and witty to say here in the near future.  In the mean time, I’ll be around!

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I’m done!

I’m done!

I’m done!  I’m done!  I’m DONE!

I’ve packed as far as I can, leaving out only what we need tomorrow.

Yay!  I’m done!  No hurried last minute freak outs!

Now, a well deserved bath and early to bed!  Truck loading comes tomorrow!

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Quick Update

We’re still here and kickin’!  Just bustin’ butt with packing and moving and staging stuff for loading in the truck Wednesday.

I can’t believe we’re so close!  Yay!

Poor Roxanne doesn’t know what to do with herself.  Watching the packing and navigating around the stacks of boxes is stressing her out.   Soon she will have a yard to run in and acreage to roam with me.  Soon!

Alright, about time to get back to work.

Random thought before I go: The average sea turtle can’t reproduce until it’s 25 years old.

I probably won’t be back before we get to the new house!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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Good things just keep on happening!

Remember how a couple weeks ago Sugar wouldn’t load for me?  Or, if you don’t, the short story is Molly and Casey are away on pasture at a friend’s place because my neighbor had a fit that we have horses, even though I’ve lived here 18 months.  This of course prompted the house search and led to us buying the house we’re moving to Thanksgiving weekend.

So, anyways, Ms. Sugar Britches wouldn’t load.  She had A FIT.  She broke a halter, hit her head and created drama all around.  Well, she doesn’t have a single issue loading into a stock trailer.  Said stock trailer is parked in the pasture and she eats in there just fine, even going so far as to stomp her feet at me and look expectantly, as though she’s ready to go.

My landlord will bring her out to our new place for us.  However, he had a price.  But, so did everyone else I talked to about moving Sug.  The price was that we’d buy his TB mare for $500 and he’d move Sugar for free.  Bad Pants accepted the deal immediately.  Know what?  Moving Sugar was going to cost us $400 anyways.  So, BP just bought me ANOTHER MARE for $100.

Wanna know who she is?  Look here.  She actually has 6 decent wins to her name.  Not sure why they didn’t campaign her harder as she did beat out a couple Derby winners for the years she raced.  Well, it doesn’t matter much anyways.  We’re quite happy with her.

I don’t have any pics with moving upon us.  She was being retrained Western at the time.  Since this video was taken a few years ago, Flirt (her barn name) has been used as a trail horse, a company horse, a husband horse, and a kids horse.  She also jumps and has been shown huntseat.

I can barely say it.  I own FIVE horses now.  FIVE.  And 4 of them are mares (and a filly)!  From a self-professed gelding person, I certainly gained a lot of mares in a big hurry!

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While some of you, my friends, are participating in NaNoMo this month, I will be much too busy to join you.  Why is that?  Well, let me give you a hint:

5 bed, 3 bath, 4000sf

12 acres total, about 5 newly cleared

and when I’m all done moving into all that, you will be able to find me here, with a glass of wine:

We move in the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I’ve got a lot to pack!

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Unfortunately, just as we pulled in to get the chickens, my Landlord called and said under no circumstances could we have chickens.  Then went on to say something about flies and blame my horses for them.

Um, I’m sorry!  I keep my horses on Simplifly and if you walk down into the pasture, there isn’t a fly problem.  But, up by the house, where the sun beats and is warm, are HOUSEflies.  Now, if his secretary is too dumb to CLOSE the door to the office and has a fly problem because she LEAVES DOORS OPEN, then that is YOUR problem, not my fault or my horses.  Moreover, you jackwagon, chickens EAT flies and would help control other pests since YOU are not, as YOU are supposed to, per our lease agreement.

When Bad Pants made it clear that if we were a problem, we’d be happy to move.  And that as we are paying for things like STALLS that we aren’t getting, when our lease is up we’d be moving.  In other words, we gave notice 6 months early.  Boy oh boy did the LL backpedal then!  But, the damage was done.  I’d drove 2 hours away to get chickens he didn’t have a problem with 2 weeks ago.  I’d drove 2 hours to get exactly the right chickens, the right breed mix, the right age.  And I drove away without them.  I don’t believe they’re still available.  I’ve already suffered humiliation at his hands in front of the seller.  (I wouldn’t sell to myself in that case!  It’s not responsible).  And, who’s to say he won’t change his mind again?

Chickens are perfectly legal inside city limits per both city and county ordinances.  Our 5 hens were well under the city ordinance limit and we do not have nor plan to get a rooster.  So, this is all just him.

Mind you, chickens were okay’d with him before we signed a lease.  So were goats, horses, dogs, cats and a garden.  But in his tirade at Bad Pants initially, two horses seemed too much for him, never mind that he had 3 here when he lived on the property.  TWO horses, which is what stated in the ad for this place.  Room for TWO horses.  Oh, and he nixed goats within the first two weeks we were here, regardless of whether or not horses were here or not.

Needless to say, our minds are made up and we will be moving as soon as the lease is up.  He is so lucky he talks to BP and not me.

I’m off to start the house-hunting process.  Because, I’m just sure we won’t be getting the stalls or he’ll complain some more.  I guess he’d rather this place be empty for MONTHS as it was before we moved here.  Perhaps he really doesn’t want my money?

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Moving sucks.  With that said, Bad Pants and I have moved, on average, every 16 months since we’ve been married, give or take a little.  Oh, it was always onwards and upwards (supposedly- I am cynical about this last move).  But, on average, it takes us a year to truly unpack and settle in.  Mind you, that seems to be going quite a bit faster this time around.  Maybe because we’re pros.  Or maybe it’s because we don’t have a gigantic 3-story house this time with a big storage room we shuffle boxes into and forget to unpack.

Today, while working on tidying up the house, I decided to go through a box I believed was most assuredly horse tack and a few stray socks.  Why?  Because there were quilted leg wraps (clean) and a tube of probios on top with a stadium seat pad thingy and a box holding bits of hardware from miscellaneous things.  You know, the kind of stuff you dump on top of a mostly full box when you’re in a hurry.

What I found when I started going through the box floored me.  There were my missing kitchen utensils!  Some I’d already replaced, most I hadn’t.  There were jars of spices I’d completely forgot about!  Boxes of tea!  Unopened, sealed cans of gourmet cocoa!  Margarita salt!  Holy crap!  It was about like hitting the jackpot!

And then, there are the things I had completely forgotten about and replaced already.  An apple slicer, cooling racks, a pizza pan, etc.  I am a bit saddened at the money wasted replacing these missing things.  If only I’d bothered to unpack all the boxes 2 moves and 2 1/2 years ago.   How much could I have saved?

How many pairs of socks could I have mated up?  Instead, the mates I couldn’t find were tossed away.  And now here, here I have the missing socks!  Only to no longer have their mates.  Poor, poor lonely socks!   Well, into the trash they’ll go.  My moment of pitty (for them and for my feet) has passed.

Guess I’d better go poke around in some more boxes to see what I find!

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Well, we made it to Georgia, but not without trial and tragedy. Here’s a quick recap:

Got bit by a spider, stung by a bee and poison oak on me all in the same day- and I don’t remember any of it.

One of the cats went on walkabout and didn’t return home. I think she moved in with the neighbors because she didn’t want to go with us.

Took a day longer to get out of Portland than we thought it would. So, we were a full day behind schedule.

On the day we left, we got soaked through to the skin and had to change clothes 3 times just trying to get the tow bar hooked up between the pickup and the moving truck.

Lost my pickup while still in town when the tow bar gave. Even the auto parts guys were surprised this happened. Pickup damage was extensive enough that we had to leave it in Oregon. So, we are now auto-less.

Blew an air hose clamp just outside of Laramie, WY. Luckily, they had us back on the road within 30 minutes.

Stayed at a creepy motel in a not so nice part of Kansas City. I will never stay at that particular chain again. We left after just a short 4 hour rest, in which I don’t think we slept at all.

The house is one bedroom shy of what we were told, but we’re making it work.

Can’t find anyone in the Atlanta area that will sell us a car without a Georgia license. Seems strange to me because we have Oregon licenses, and we could have bought a car pretty much anywhere else with our valid licenses, out of state or not. As we will have to re-take the driving test for Georgia (no reciprocity here with Oregon apparently), we cannot do so without a car. So we are caught in a catch-22.

Our beloved Freya passed away about the time we crossed the Georgia line. She was apparently hiding cancer from me. However, she passed peacefully, doing what she loved best- going for a ride. We are devastated and she will be greatly missed.

I am taking a mental health week because I’m not good for anything right now.

Hope this past week has treated y’all much better than it did me.

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So much to learn

Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. We are still without internet and I’m trying to patiently type this out on my phone. Only, everyone knows I am the impatient sort.

Everything here is so very, very different than the PNW. The vegetation is different. I can’t even identify most of it. The bugs are different, including a type of tiny black ant that is a bitey little bastard. The birds are different too. I’ve not seen a single spieces I recognize.

Our house, while not exactly what we imagined in layout from pictures, is quite nice. It is only 3 bedrooms, not 4 as we were told. Since neither of the girls will be living with us this year, we will make the best of it when they come visit.

The house itself is a study in contrast. It appears to have been designed for giants and gnomes. Downstairs, the rooms are quite large. The ceilings are 10, maybe 11 feet tall. Light switches are placed above average height. Kitchen cupboards will require a step stool or maybe a ladder to reach the back of the second shelf and all of the third shelf for me, and I am not short.

Upstairs, the effect is quite different. The ceilings there are barely 7 feet tall. The light switches are lower, the bathroom sink (original to the house btw) barely comes to mid-thigh on me. And the toilet is the height of a preschool chair.

Perhaps the house was designed for children upstairs and freaky-tall adults downstairs? Regardless, we do love the detail and craftsmanship inside this 1940s home.

Okay, I’ve got lots of unpacking to do so I’d better scoot. Highlights from our trip later!

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Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness we have arrived at our new home. Our beautiful Freya has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I will be back in a few days.

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