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George, the little cat whom we were told would only live a single month at most when we adopted him, gave us his heart for 19 months instead.  In the end, his little, tiny body began to fail him.

It’s amazing at how a tiny, sickly, old cat could steal so many hearts in such a short time.  From being locked in a car on a hot July day, saved by shaving, fluids and an ice bath to making a nearly 3000 mile journey cross-country, George has had a tremendous ending to his life, in which we spent spoiling him and filling with love every day.

I doubt I will ever eat turkey again without thinking of the little cat we bribed to make it to and through each holiday.

We returned him to the Universe today.  He will be sorely missed.  I hope Heaven has provided him with turkey and Grandmas laps.

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Oh My!  I have had the most number of injuries at once, ever in my life this past month!

First, I broke a big toe nail that bled.  Then, in my klutziness, managed to whack same said toenail a couple more times, causing the breakage to extend deeper and be harder to repair each time.

This was followed by the probing by the aliens.  (The road rash is mostly gone, the hole slowly healing and my knee is still so deeply bruised 14 days later that I can’t put any pressure on it still).

Then, robots had set a booby trap at my front door.  Just as I was bringing in a stack of boxes (I know!  I carried them with my injured arm and shouldn’t have!), they activated their trap and the door bit me in the Achilles tendon HARD.  And of course, I was barefoot.  I couldn’t wear any shoes with a back for about a week.

Just a couple days later, Sloan thought he saw ghosts in the house and took off running, right under my feet as I was trying to walk.  I avoided squishing the poor kitty, but landed wrong and dislocated a bone in my foot.  The same foot as the one with the seriously bruised heel.

I tried to go vet wrap free on my elbow 10 days after the initial injury, only the skin wasn’t ready to be exposed to air.  It became brittle and cracked.  So, healing was delayed a bit.  (I am safely ensconced in pink vet wrap as I type this).

I played ponies with the kids, then carried a cordura saddle on my hip with my bad arm, re-damaging the skin over the hole.  It popped back open.

I have had to sit out of most of our holiday festivities.  I gave up control of decorating the tree to the kids, sitting back and watching Doodle place all the ornaments she hung with faces, facing inward.  (Were they embarrassed of the tree, I wonder?)

After the tree was put up, I happened to notice it looked a little… off… on Christmas Eve.  A ninja was hiding in our tree, lying in wait for Santa.  I couldn’t possibly let anything happen to Santa, thereby disappointing small children the world over.  So, I quickly engaged the Ninja hiding in our tree head on.  Unfortunately, he had back up.  As I dispatched the last ninja, a star fell out of his hand, puncturing my toe.  The same toe that already has a broken nail.  The star left a puncture, a gash and a deep bruise.  It’s being held together now by glue.  But at least Santa is safe!

Cookie making was turned over to Kitty, with Molasses Men cutouts being done by her with Dude and Doodle.  (Thanks Allison for the recipe!)

Dog biscuits and horse treats did not get made.  Instead, the dogs enjoyed the yummy chummies sent by AKPonyGirl.  The ponies ate a warm mush of oats, molasses, applesauce, carrots and apples.

I have been a good girl, sitting on my butt doing nothing for the last couple days.  It seems that’s the only way I can avoid injury.  I am even afraid to venture out into the snow for fear of falling and breaking my… nose.  Let’s go with that.

Oh yes!  It snowed on Christmas and the day after.  We’ve had about an inch of accumulation.  It’s been a Christmas miracle here in the south.  I’d like to think Freya sent it and was smiling down on me.

Speaking of Freya, I’m just quietly trying to get through this holiday and anniversary season without her.  Her rescue on Christmas Eve and the phone call I received on my birthday all those years ago still remains the best present I’ve ever received.  (You can briefly read about that here).

Happy Birthday to me today.  I think I’m just going to stay curled up here on the couch with Rock’em so I don’t injure myself further.  Let me know when December is finally over and hope the monkeys and pirates don’t make a visit to my house any time soon!

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A Good Laugh

I love LOLCats, but it got tedious to wade through the posts every morning.  So, Bad Pants was kind enough to share this with me, and I you in return.  Enjoy!

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Well, we made it to Georgia, but not without trial and tragedy. Here’s a quick recap:

Got bit by a spider, stung by a bee and poison oak on me all in the same day- and I don’t remember any of it.

One of the cats went on walkabout and didn’t return home. I think she moved in with the neighbors because she didn’t want to go with us.

Took a day longer to get out of Portland than we thought it would. So, we were a full day behind schedule.

On the day we left, we got soaked through to the skin and had to change clothes 3 times just trying to get the tow bar hooked up between the pickup and the moving truck.

Lost my pickup while still in town when the tow bar gave. Even the auto parts guys were surprised this happened. Pickup damage was extensive enough that we had to leave it in Oregon. So, we are now auto-less.

Blew an air hose clamp just outside of Laramie, WY. Luckily, they had us back on the road within 30 minutes.

Stayed at a creepy motel in a not so nice part of Kansas City. I will never stay at that particular chain again. We left after just a short 4 hour rest, in which I don’t think we slept at all.

The house is one bedroom shy of what we were told, but we’re making it work.

Can’t find anyone in the Atlanta area that will sell us a car without a Georgia license. Seems strange to me because we have Oregon licenses, and we could have bought a car pretty much anywhere else with our valid licenses, out of state or not. As we will have to re-take the driving test for Georgia (no reciprocity here with Oregon apparently), we cannot do so without a car. So we are caught in a catch-22.

Our beloved Freya passed away about the time we crossed the Georgia line. She was apparently hiding cancer from me. However, she passed peacefully, doing what she loved best- going for a ride. We are devastated and she will be greatly missed.

I am taking a mental health week because I’m not good for anything right now.

Hope this past week has treated y’all much better than it did me.

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A while back, I mentioned I had something up my sleeve.

Come check it out over here!

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I’ve spent more time chasing things with a whip in the last week than I have in the past two years.  Ok, I’ll admit it.  I’m chasing coyotes.  With my dressage whip.  Why, you ask?  Simple.

They have decided that my farm is a snack bar.  And now with moving, we decided not to purchase a rifle.  Seriously, I do think my Indian name would have been “Chases Coyotes With Whip”.  And I’m not talking about late at night.  No siree!  I’m talking about broad daylight!

The one I just chased off from the bottom of the pasture was little for coyotes around here.  Oh yes!  He was standard sized.  And oddly, he ran right past Mo and didn’t even stop to sniff out the snack waiting for him.  Either he knew he was in enemy territory or he was full.  Mo’s pretty lucky anyways, I guess.


After the debacle of the other evening, the coyotes are steering clear because they think I’m crazy.

You see, it was evening, not quite dusk yet and coyotes were on the dog trail,  just 30 feet from the house, yipping and calling.  It was still light out, bright out and most of the cats were outside, or so would have been normal for them.  I was in the living room, basking in the glow of a successful furniture or workout equipment sale, gleeful that we had the deposit money necessary to move Casey and another heavy item less that I had to help lift twice in coming days (once on the truck, once off).  And from the office, Bad Pants yells, “Coyote!”  That was it.  I grabbed the Dog Dazer and my whip and went flying outside.

Now, I should tell you that the Dog Dazer is an ultrasonic device I bought after being hassled by a neighboring Chocolate Lab last winter.  It’s supposed to stop aggressive dogs by making a noise that confuses and startles them.  And it works.  At least on dogs.  But apparently, not on coyotes.

By the time I got out the door and part way up the hill, it had moved higher up the hillside.  Somewhere, on the other side of the blackberry and poison oak tangle, it had found prey and was yipping for it’s pack mates to come assist with the kill.  Not knowing if it was one of my cats it had cornered, I started screaming, “The Snack Bar is CLOSED!” and I cracked my whip.  Ok, less like cracking, but the damn thing whistled in a way that probably reminded the rest of the pack of bullets because their voices started moving off, instead of continuing in the direction of the one yipping near me.

The yipping continued.  I paused to locate the direction of the sound.  The yipping continued.  Clearly this coyote had something cornered still.  In hopes of driving the coyote off I yelled, “If you eat one of my cats, I swear I’ll beat you to death with my whip!”  Yes, I’m sure I sound like a crazy person to my neighbors, even if they don’t understand much English.  The yipping stops.  Just suddenly dead quiet.

About this time, Bad Pants comes out with his big mag-light and tells me to not go farther.  He’ll go investigate.  Ok, he’s a few seconds behind because he was smart enough to put real shoes on, not just slide into flip-flops like I did.

Up the hill he goes, plowing through the underbrush towards the last location of the sound, ready to bludgeon to death a coyote eating one of our cats.  (Please remember, this is within feet of our house, in dog patrolling zone so it smells like dog pee everywhere).

While he’s going up the hill, I do a head count on our cats.  All are accounted for.  Lucky for me, only Salem and Mo were outside.  But then, Mo lives outside by choice.  Salem is sitting on the deck railing, fluffed to three times his normal size, waiting for the door to magically open.

Mo was sitting calmly under the rear bumper of our truck, just hanging out like this is all an every day occurrence.   Apparently he believes the coyotes won’t bother him.  (And after what I saw this morning, I just might have to agree!)

Bad Pants comes back down the hill, this time using a dog trail.  He reports that he saw a lot of tracks about 20 feet above the lower dog trail, where it loops back around up the hill, but can’t locate whatever it was the coyote was after.  Whatever it was, it wasn’t one of MY cats.

Guess I should go get a new lunge whip since Luna chewed mine a while back.  At least I can get that to crack nicely and not just make a bullet-like whistle…

And yes, I’m a crazy person who chases coyotes with a whip.

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A Good Deed

Unless something goes wrong, Anna is going to her new home in just a few minutes.  We will be delivering her so I can just do a quick look-see to make sure she’s not becoming cat tacos or something.

Anna still needs more groceries, but she should be right as rain soon.  Thanks to SG, Anna is alive today.

We wish Anna Banana the best of luck in her new home!

PS Don’t forget the homeless pets.  Stop by your local shelter for your next best friend or just to give some love to the caged pets waiting for their new home.  Make a donation or donate your time.  And remember, Save a life!  Adopt a homeless pet!

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Lots of little things have been happening around here.  Not really enough worth a post all on their own.  So, I’ll catch y’all up to speed…

Luna found a home.  Luna found a wonderful home that leaves me a wee bit jealous.  She’s moved to 20 acres east of Portland, where her human grandparents live on one end and her human parents and human siblings live on the other.  They have Doberman experience, which was very, very important to me.  Lunny’s new human Grandma does flyball and agility with her Aussies.  (See why I love her?  Aussies, flyball and agility!)  Lunny’s new 8 yr old human sister wants to do agility and flyball with Lunny and Granny.  Luna has what it takes to do both.  She’s athletic and graceful and loves to run and jump obstacles.  It was my hope to do agility with Lunny.  But now, she will absolutely get to!  More, my good friend, Veterinarian C. who lives up by Seattle competes actively in both sports and travels for tournaments down here often.  So, she will undoubtedly run into Lunny and I’ll get mini updates from time to time.  So, I should be able to keep tabs on her a bit and know she’s doing ok.

Luna left Saturday.  I still tear up when I think about her being gone.  It’s much, much quieter here in the house.  And emptier too.  We miss her, but we’re adjusting.  I just remind myself that she has the PERFECT home.  They fell in love with her within the first hour they met her.  And her puppy naughtiness doesn’t phase them.  Not even the part where she eats dead things and hunts.  So, it’s good.  Really, it’s good.  And it’s for Luna to have the BEST life possible.


Three of the goaties and the peeps have found new homes.  Maddie is supposed to be leaving us this week by Saturday, possibly sooner as her owner wants to go to the beach for the weekend.

Foster kitty, Anna, has had a few inquiries but no one has actually come out to see her.  I suspect she’ll be moving with us to Georgia.  I’ve brought her upstairs since the other cats barely go downstairs in order to have everyone start adjusting to her.  So far, no battles and Anna clearly wants to socialize with the other cats.

Unfortunately, Anna still looks like a walking zombie cat.  It’s going to take more time and more groceries and less hiding on her part in order for her to get up to a normal weight.  Time and groceries are on our side.

Apparently, Anna has adjusted to the dogs as I found her sleeping on the sofa in the family room with the dogs running around.


Dexter will not be moving to Georgia.  He’s quit progressing forward in the last two months.  Dex does not care for Freya, believes the rooster crowing is a threat that the roo is going to come in and eat him, thinks horses are dog-eating monsters and is overall still uncomfortable.  Sadly, he will be going back to the rescue as we are afraid the stress of the move will be too much for him.  And, Dex was doing better with the head of the rescue, Melanie, because she also has his outgoing brother whom Dex is clearly dependent on for socializing.  We are broken hearted.


I keep doing something to my knee.  Something keeps catching under the knee cap when I go up or down stairs and will take a couple days to right itself again, then happen again within a couple days to a couple weeks.  Beings as we have a million stairs in this house, I’m finding this rather inconvenient and am getting around by keeping that leg as straight as possible going up and down the stairs.  This has been going on since February and has brought my c25k training to a halt as of recent.


Got a bunch of outrageously expensive moving quotes.  Still bad even if we pack our own boxes.  So, I think we’ll be packing and driving our stuff cross-country ourselves.  Unfortunately, the packing process has to wait as we still have to get a quote from the preferred movers for Bad Pants’ company before they’ll give us a stipend.  Tis the suck there.  I feel the clock ticking and am helpless to get the ball really rolling.


Well, that’s it for now!    How are things with you?

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Well, it’s official.  We’re being transferred to Atlanta this summer, probably around the beginning of June.  This move is bringing us a lot of joys and lots of heartbreak.  While BP’s company is paying to move us, we are having to say goodbye to the farm and farm life.  I’ve made a list of the good and the bad here.

The Good

-Cost of living is less

-Houses are more affordable (Portland did not suffer the housing market crash, so that’s in our favor it Atlanta)

-BP will be getting a promotion and a raise

-BP will be starting up his own office in Atlanta

-It’s good for his career

-They’re moving us

-They’re moving Casey, the dogs and the cats

The Bad

-We’re not taking Luna with, but we already knew we needed to rehome her because of Freya’s issues

-Can’t take the goats with- too costly and too hard on pregnant does

-Can’t take the chickens or the peeps (which are pullets now, they’re growing up!)

-Trying to move far away without being there is hard.  Trying to find an appropriate boarding facility is harder.

-Dude will start a new school, again.  With his issues, this may be a problem.  It will be difficult to find the right placement for him.

Well, the positives outweigh the negatives, at least from a practical, logical standpoint.  It doesn’t negate the heartache of giving up beloved pets or changing our lifestyle.

Maddie will be returning to her owner shortly.  She’s not the horse for us anyways and we’re ok with that.  Plus, her owner misses her horribly.

That’s it for now!  Gotta go figure out how to move my dogs to Atlanta in the middle of summer weather.  Any suggestions?

PS Luna and the goats are already advertised as available.  I’ve got people coming out to see goats this weekend so saying goodbye is coming sooner rather than later.  It’s important to me to get my does settled before they kid as to lessen their stress.

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Lots happening here this spring!

Bad Pants has been away this past week and won’t be home until this weekend.  So, I’ve been working on his “Honey Do” list.  It’s been a learning experience as I do things I’ve never done before and my muscles remember how to do things I haven’t done in about 20 years.

Good weather is arriving, so I’ve been busy with farm clean up and getting outside chores done.  Kitty, Dude and I put up the garden fence this weekend.  This is the first fence I’ve ever put up and well, while not perfect, it’s functional.  Ok, so it might look like a drunk put it up as the posts aren’t in a straight line and the fence needs to be pulled a bit tighter.  However, Casey and the goats inspected it and decided that the fence passes inspection.  Now that the garden fence is up, I’ll be planting starts and getting the garden going in the next week.

Our good blog friend, Squirrel Gurl, brought us a new kitty yesterday.  Kitty is as of yet un-named.  It appears that this guy (or girl, I’m not stressing kitty too much yet) was someone’s beloved baby at some point that got left behind at SG’s apartment complex.  Other than settling in and needing a lot of groceries, kitty seems to be really nice.  Kitty has one blue eye and one green eye and could be Merlin’s twin with a bit shorter hair and half a tail.

This picture was taken by SG before she brought him to me.  I’ll get better pictures as soon as Kitty starts to settle in and quits hiding in the quarantine room (laundry room).

While SG was here, she allayed my fears about Maddie’s weight.   SG says Maddie looks good.  Thanks SG!  I just tend to be paranoid with her after our experiences when she first came.  The kids also enjoyed playing with Stormy too.  We hope SG and Stormy come visit again soon!

The ground is drying out and becoming safer for riding and working the horses.  I’m so excited!

Dexter is progressing.  Now that he’s settled in and bonding, and the number of critters in desperate need has dropped (Kitty needs very little compared to Moon and Ajax), we are working on becoming a normal dog.  Time wasn’t what he needed.  We tried that.  I actually need to teach him how to relax.  Dex is about the biggest chicken-dog I know.  So, I’ve been blocking him out of his crate and sort of forcing him to join in with the family.  This morning, we learned about brushing as he’s shedding horribly.  We are also working on laying down and relaxing.  This was quite a challenge for him as he was convinced I was going to kill him.  Dex is very submissive.  It took a bit for him to get that I just wanted him to lay on his side and relax.  Once he got that, I let him up.  He even stayed laying with me for pets and scratches in a relaxed manner for another 10 minutes until I got up from sitting on the floor myself.  Baby steps, but we’re getting there!

That’s about it here at the moment.  Just Kitty, visitors and chores!  A busy but fun weekend!  How was yours?

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