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Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to lately around the farm:

Moo's colorful shed out

My brother's visit- he drove 3000 miles to cut up some trees for us.

More of my brother's handy work. It's so much easier to see off the deck without that silly, overgrown arborvitae in the way! As you can see, it was also in an obnoxious place at the bottom of the stairs.

Peeps! Some for eating, some for laying.

More peeps! These are Black Jersey Giants. They remind me of pandas when they're little with their coloring, but will turn all black as grown ups. They are slower to mature and will be HUGE chickens, weighing on average as much as a small turkey. These are to be layers for now.

Birthday present for Bad Pants. ūüôā

Some of BP's handy work (and a Roxanne) to protect new grill from a certain nutty Aussie (coughCOPPERcough). The gate matches the decorative fanning on the deck. The carabiner clip is to keep Rox and Bear from opening the gate. It's located safely away from anywhere Bear could get his jaw stuck on it.

Hay net frustration and suspicion. Mwhahahahahaha! It took them a good 30 minutes to get over it the first time, 15 the second, and were old pros the third time.

In fact, Sugar had to show the other horses how it was done. Here, she pauses from eating to pose for her photo op.

Rox has a new playmate!

Her very own, wiggly, mini-me! That's right! We adopted a new pup from a kill shelter on Saturday. Lyra (puppy) is a Mastiff/Lab x pup, 4 mo old, very shy and under-socialized, with feet larger than Roxanne's, but very quickly coming out of her shell. She's not up for holding still for photo ops now that she realizes we won't eat her.

Beyond this, we’ve just been working on getting stuff done around here. ¬†You know, mowing our 2 acre lawn with a push mower because the riding mower that came with the house is really, actually broken. ¬†Rolling hay rounds, fixing things, etc.

That’s all that’s new here. ¬†How about with you? ¬†What’ve you been up to?

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It’s bee a while since I’ve been here. ¬†Lots of happenings have kept me away. ¬†Let’s see… ¬†Illness, unpacking, more fencing, bad weather, more bad weather, great weather, gardening, colic, tornado, injury, new family member… ¬†I think that’s about right.

I never did find my battery charger for my camera, so I bought a new one.  Bad Pants finally unpacked the card reader.  So, this is mostly a picture post catching up on things.

Roxanne's attempt to "unzip" herself, mostly healed.

Wearing Daddy's t-shirt to keep her stitches and my floor clean- this was earlier than the first pic, as she still had her drain tubes in.

New living room set we purchased right before Rox unzipped herself.

Dude's dye-free, completely from scratch gingerbread house.

another view

Pasture space upon move in, and garden.

Pasture space, run-in and ponies March 2012. Note the front paddock and run-in were all the builder provided for 4 horses.

One of the cleared piles ready to burn on move in.

Builder's version of "burned" burn piles.

Shingle damage to the cottage from the storms.

This guy showed up on Feb 29 while Sugar was colicking. We've had no luck locating his owners.

He's a redtick coonhound, which are apparently a dime a dozen here in the South. No microchip, no response to my ads, no lost reports with AC. It was suggested by the vet that he was probably dumped, as that's not uncommon in our area.

He's about 18 months old, really well-behaved, clearly has had some training, doesn't dig or jump fences, is good with other dogs, and mostly good with the cats. He's very friendly and housebroken too.

So, we're keeping him. He's adopted Dude as his person. We've named him "Bob" or "Bobby", depending on the day. Soon he will be scheduled for a neuter, microchip and vaccs. He'll never be a stray again!

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When you have a yeasty, smelly dog with health issues, you go through a lot of dog shampoo. ¬†When you have to have a medicated shampoo to control the yeast, you go through EXPENSIVE dog shampoo. ¬†In the 3 years since Copper started having a yeast issue, I think we’ve tried nearly every product under the sun. ¬†We’ve tried prescription shampoos that required us to bathe Copper daily, but never solved the problem. ¬†We’ve tried OTC shampoos only available through your vet that required us to bathe him 2x a week and gave Copper relief, as long as you stayed on the bathing schedule. ¬†We tried medicated shampoos from pet stores of varying costs and quality. ¬†Some worked better than others, but I was usually unhappy for one reason or another. ¬†We tried medicated shampoos from near and far!

Here’s my generalized breakdown of what I’ve tried on Copper:

Prescription shampoos- PITA to wash him daily.  Worked and worked well, if I kept up with it daily.  But the constant smell of wet dog permeated my house.  Also very expensive at nearly $30 per bottle.

OTC from the vet clinic shampoos- Worked great! ¬†Only, it took half a bottle per bath, so it became cost prohibitive when the price was the same as the prescription shampoo. ¬†And, well, Copper wasn’t too happy waiting in the tub for it to sit 15 minutes before rinsing. ¬†I wasn’t too happy trying to convince my teenage puppy to sit in the tub that long either.

Medicated Shampoos from the Pet Store- They all worked to differing degrees. ¬†It seemed like as soon as I found one that was tolerable and reasonably priced, it was no longer on the market the next time I went to get some. ¬†Or, we used a ton of shampoo for my 40 lbs dog, meaning we’d only get 2 baths per bottle. ¬†Some, such as the tar products, I didn’t like the smell of. ¬† And some just didn’t seem to do much for him. ¬†It was really a shoot in the dark.


I tried something new to me!

I bathed Copper in this Tropiclean Oatmeal and Tea Tree Shampoo. ¬†It didn’t smell awful. ¬†In fact, it was kind of nice. ¬†Or as nice as my stuffed up nose could detect. ¬†It lathered awesomely! ¬†I mean, I was truly impressed! ¬†Most medicated dog shampoos don’t lather worth beans, and as Copper tends to be pretty greasy at times with his yeast issue, that means we have to use even more product to get a lather. ¬†Plus, with his thick Aussie hair, rinsing can be a real pain.

Well, guess what?  None of those things were a problem!  He lathered well, using a reasonable amount of product.  I let it sit for the requisite 5-10 minutes (probably closer to 10, as I was also bathing Bear simultaneously).  And best of all, it rinsed out easily!

I love that Tropiclean contains no harsh ingredients. ¬†I could use this product on the cats if I needed to. ¬†There aren’t any soaps in it and even the bottle is environmentally friendly by being made out of biodegradable corn products or from recycled plastics.

Since I also bathed Bear in this, I already know I’ll be getting more than 2 washes out of it. ¬†And at $13 for a bottle, it looks like it will save me some money as well! ¬†Now, I just hope that Tropiclean doesn’t discontinue this shampoo, leaving me on the hunt again for something new. ¬†Best of all, I can find it locally AND I can order it online! ¬†How great is that?

*Review completely unsolicited. ¬†Tropiclean doesn’t know me, has never heard of me and I was not reimbursed for my review of this product in any way.

**This shampoo is marked to control itchy skin in dogs, NOT yeast.  I used this product to help treat yeast of my own volition, knowing that tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

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Almost a month ago, we had the tornado siren go off here. ¬†I was on the phone at the time and didn’t hear it. ¬†Even after Bad Pants got me off the phone, I still couldn’t hear the siren. ¬†Not from inside the closet next to the brick fireplace, the safest place in the house, nor outside the closet in our bedroom. ¬†I’m not sure I could have heard it if I was standing outside, as the tone seems to be right under my hearing register when the sound travels any distance.

This has caused some consternation for us. ¬†How am I to hear a weather emergency like that? ¬†It’s not like our area uses air raid sirens, which I can here. ¬†Instead, this is the siren they use, which I can’t hear from the 4 miles away we are from it.

That is what our siren sounds like. ¬†Annoying when I’m listening to it on Youtube, impossible for me to hear in real life.

Most of the time, Bad Pants is home to alert me. ¬†Or Dude. ¬†But there are times that perhaps one or both won’t be around, or will be using earbuds or headphones and not hear the warning.

I have plans to teach Barrow to alert me to this specific sound once he gets older.  Only, I have to figure out how to teach him to do that.  If I can puzzle that out, I can teach Roxanne NOW.

Eventually, we want to get a couple of these:

But, as you can imagine, they are not exactly inexpensive. ¬†And I’d need more than one for our home. ¬†And I need the vibrator as we have lightening often enough that the strobe light you can get to go with it might not be enough to wake me. ¬†Though, ideally, one of these with a loud alarm noise should do the trick to get my attention.

Of course, we’re still researching these units. ¬†Some are pre-programmed for your area at the manufacturer’s, which is nice. ¬†Apparently this particular model is not.

In the mean time though, I’ve found a couple text and email notification websites. ¬†They’re free, as long as you use only one location. ¬†I signed up to use this one and this one. ¬†I’d like to compare the services before I shell out money for multiple locations monthly (we live on the border of 3 counties). ¬†However, the drawback here is that my cell phone doesn’t always have signal during thunderstorms.

We are actively researching, plotting and planning for tornadoes.  And preparing for a future that might become quieter for me some day.

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I’ve been so very busy with getting the stalls finished and with Barrow, the new puppy! ¬†Doesn’t help that Bad Pants is gone to Portland for work this week. ¬†I just feel… behind in everything!

8 weeks, first meeting at the show

He LOVES BP's goatee!

Our stalls are finished and the horses seem happy. ¬†It’s easier to spend quality time with them this way as Casey tends to become possessive and cranky when he sees me. ¬†He doesn’t want Molly near me, though he behaves if I go to her. ¬†Silly pony! ¬†So, we’re spending a lot of one on one time together, Ms. Thang and I.

While I may not find the stalls ideal, Casey is happy. ¬†He’s not weaving at all. ¬†He can see out on 3 sides and the wall between him and Molly is not solid, so he can see her and see out her side too. ¬†He’s… ¬†content. ¬†Not something I’ve seen from him very often. ¬†And I must say, it’s nice to be able to get the horses out of the muck!

9 weeks, first bath at home

Already posing for pictures!

In addition to the stalls, we’ve gotten the green light to put in raised beds for a garden. ¬†The LL even suggested a spot for tomato and vining crops, where he, in the past had a garden. ¬†This saves us some space in the raised beds. ¬†So, hopefully we will start the process of getting set up when BP returns, this weekend.

School with Dude, spring cleaning and pony therapy take up all my non-puppy time.  Barrow and I have another show coming up on the 19th, Doodle arrives for her 2-week Spring Break on the 21st and BP comes home this Friday, late.  Somewhere I need to fit time in for sleep and blog reading.  Thankfully, Barrow is starting to sleep through the night.

Dude will be stretching his own Spring Break by a week, and taking it two weeks early (we will work while the rest of the school is on Spring Break later). ¬†I am so looking forward to Spring Break! ¬†No school for two whole weeks! ¬†I really think I need a break. ¬†This online/homeschooling gig is wearing on me. ¬†It’s like having a full time job!

Anyways, I’d better get Dude back on task if I ever want to get done with school for the day.

How was your weekend? ¬†How’s your week shaping up so far?

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Oh My!  I have had the most number of injuries at once, ever in my life this past month!

First, I broke a big toe nail that bled.  Then, in my klutziness, managed to whack same said toenail a couple more times, causing the breakage to extend deeper and be harder to repair each time.

This was followed by the probing by the aliens. ¬†(The road rash is mostly gone, the hole slowly healing and my knee is still so deeply bruised 14 days later that I can’t put any pressure on it still).

Then, robots had set a booby trap at my front door. ¬†Just as I was bringing in a stack of boxes (I know! ¬†I carried them with my injured arm and shouldn’t have!), they activated their trap and the door bit me in the¬†Achilles¬†tendon HARD. ¬†And of course, I was barefoot. ¬†I couldn’t wear any shoes with a back for about a week.

Just a couple days later, Sloan thought he saw ghosts in the house and took off running, right under my feet as I was trying to walk.  I avoided squishing the poor kitty, but landed wrong and dislocated a bone in my foot.  The same foot as the one with the seriously bruised heel.

I tried to go vet wrap free on my elbow 10 days after the initial injury, only the skin wasn’t ready to be exposed to air. ¬†It became brittle and cracked. ¬†So, healing was delayed a bit. ¬†(I am safely¬†ensconced¬†in pink vet wrap as I type this).

I played ponies with the kids, then carried a cordura saddle on my hip with my bad arm, re-damaging the skin over the hole.  It popped back open.

I have had to sit out of most of our holiday festivities.  I gave up control of decorating the tree to the kids, sitting back and watching Doodle place all the ornaments she hung with faces, facing inward.  (Were they embarrassed of the tree, I wonder?)

After the tree was put up, I happened to notice it looked a little… off… on Christmas Eve. ¬†A ninja was hiding in our tree, lying in wait for Santa. ¬†I couldn’t possibly let anything happen to Santa, thereby disappointing small children the world over. ¬†So, I quickly engaged the Ninja hiding in our tree head on. ¬†Unfortunately, he had back up. ¬†As I dispatched the last ninja, a star fell out of his hand, puncturing my toe. ¬†The same toe that already has a broken nail. ¬†The star left a puncture, a gash and a deep bruise. ¬†It’s being held together now by glue. ¬†But at least Santa is safe!

Cookie making was turned over to Kitty, with Molasses Men cutouts being done by her with Dude and Doodle.  (Thanks Allison for the recipe!)

Dog biscuits and horse treats did not get made.  Instead, the dogs enjoyed the yummy chummies sent by AKPonyGirl.  The ponies ate a warm mush of oats, molasses, applesauce, carrots and apples.

I have been a good girl, sitting on my butt doing nothing for the last couple days. ¬†It seems that’s the only way I can avoid injury. ¬†I am even afraid to venture out into the snow for fear of falling and breaking my… nose. ¬†Let’s go with that.

Oh yes! ¬†It snowed on Christmas and the day after. ¬†We’ve had about an inch of accumulation. ¬†It’s been a Christmas miracle here in the south. ¬†I’d like to think Freya sent it and was smiling down on me.

Speaking of Freya, I’m just quietly trying to get through this holiday and anniversary season without her. ¬†Her rescue on Christmas Eve and the phone call I received on my birthday all those years ago still remains the best present I’ve ever received. ¬†(You can briefly read about that here).

Happy Birthday to me today. ¬†I think I’m just going to stay curled up here on the couch with Rock’em so I don’t injure myself further. ¬†Let me know when December is finally over and hope the monkeys and pirates don’t make a visit to my house any time soon!

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This afternoon, my study session with Dude was interrupted by a couple loud thumps on my front porch. ¬†My house shook with the thumps. ¬†When I went out to find out the cause, I found a small white box that the mailman apparently “dropped”. ¬†(Cranky, maybe?)

Once inside, I opened the box (photo withheld to keep address private), and this is what I found:


Yummy Chummies for the dogs!

Books and keychains!

Did you get a close enough look at the cheese?  Well, look again:


Thank you, AKPonyGirl, this is one of the most touching gifts I’ve ever received. ¬†We will think of you with every bite!

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Spoiled, Much?

Roxanne likes to be tucked in at night. ¬†She gets cold otherwise, even with the heat on. ¬†Do you think she’s spoiled much?


“Who? ¬†Me?”

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Today, I made dinner rolls from scratch.  Yummy, scrumptious, perfectly poofy and sweet rolls.  They were supposed to be part of our dinner and my main inspiration for making dinner.

Bad Pants pulled them out of the oven when he noticed that the timer on the stove said “End” and I clearly hadn’t heard it go off. ¬†Lucky, I suppose, as he’s saved them from burning.

We each tried one, hot from the oven. ¬†They were… ¬†heavenly! ¬†The best I’d ever made! ¬†So, BP put them to cool on the counter, covered with a clean dish cloth. ¬†He went back to his office to finish up some work and I, I went out to feed the horses and check Casey over since he seemed a wee bit lame.

Bad Pants came out to help me after about 15 minutes. ¬†We spent another 10-15 minutes with the horses and came back in. ¬†He asked, “Honey, where are the rolls?”

“On the counter where you left them. ¬†Why?”

“Um, they’re not there now”.

Instantly I KNEW.  My good dog, this sweet face:

This wonderful dog who helps me day to day, this dog who got upset with her daddy when I was sobbing yesterday (over Freya- she blamed him for my upset), this same dog who put herself between him and I, crawling into my lap and warning him away from me.   This same dog who HAS NEVER counter-surfed ever before,


Yes! ¬†This dog, the one Aunt Krissy called a “marshmallow”. ¬†The dog who cuddles with me every morning after Bad Pants gets out of bed. ¬†The dog who has taken care of me when I’m an emotional wreck and who tells me when somebody is at the door, or when a “friend” shows up hopped up on something.

Roxie Lynn ate my dinner!  She almost became a new pair of shoes.

Could you stay mad at that face?  Me neither!

From now on, I’ll push the rolls back away from the edge of the counter.

No more rolls for you, Roxie Lynn!

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It doesn’t hurt any less.

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