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Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to lately around the farm:

Moo's colorful shed out

My brother's visit- he drove 3000 miles to cut up some trees for us.

More of my brother's handy work. It's so much easier to see off the deck without that silly, overgrown arborvitae in the way! As you can see, it was also in an obnoxious place at the bottom of the stairs.

Peeps! Some for eating, some for laying.

More peeps! These are Black Jersey Giants. They remind me of pandas when they're little with their coloring, but will turn all black as grown ups. They are slower to mature and will be HUGE chickens, weighing on average as much as a small turkey. These are to be layers for now.

Birthday present for Bad Pants. ūüôā

Some of BP's handy work (and a Roxanne) to protect new grill from a certain nutty Aussie (coughCOPPERcough). The gate matches the decorative fanning on the deck. The carabiner clip is to keep Rox and Bear from opening the gate. It's located safely away from anywhere Bear could get his jaw stuck on it.

Hay net frustration and suspicion. Mwhahahahahaha! It took them a good 30 minutes to get over it the first time, 15 the second, and were old pros the third time.

In fact, Sugar had to show the other horses how it was done. Here, she pauses from eating to pose for her photo op.

Rox has a new playmate!

Her very own, wiggly, mini-me! That's right! We adopted a new pup from a kill shelter on Saturday. Lyra (puppy) is a Mastiff/Lab x pup, 4 mo old, very shy and under-socialized, with feet larger than Roxanne's, but very quickly coming out of her shell. She's not up for holding still for photo ops now that she realizes we won't eat her.

Beyond this, we’ve just been working on getting stuff done around here. ¬†You know, mowing our 2 acre lawn with a push mower because the riding mower that came with the house is really, actually broken. ¬†Rolling hay rounds, fixing things, etc.

That’s all that’s new here. ¬†How about with you? ¬†What’ve you been up to?

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Sucker For Blondes

My first horse loves were palomino geldings. ¬†It’s been many, many years, but I have vague memories of pony rides on Oats at the tender age of 5, feeding Maize in our yard (because his teen owner had rolled him down a hill and through barbed wire by the highway and his grandparents couldn’t deal with his medical needs) when I was 7, and then Sunny, the beautiful, golden boy that was the first horse I ever lunged and my first experience with horse sales at age 14. ¬†Sunny was owned by the breeding farm I worked at. ¬†And I cried for days when he left us. ¬†My heart simply broke.

Mare, gelding, foal or stallion. ¬†It doesn’t seem to matter. ¬†I am just a sucker for blondes.

I even love my own little blondie girl.


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I’ve been so very busy with getting the stalls finished and with Barrow, the new puppy! ¬†Doesn’t help that Bad Pants is gone to Portland for work this week. ¬†I just feel… behind in everything!

8 weeks, first meeting at the show

He LOVES BP's goatee!

Our stalls are finished and the horses seem happy. ¬†It’s easier to spend quality time with them this way as Casey tends to become possessive and cranky when he sees me. ¬†He doesn’t want Molly near me, though he behaves if I go to her. ¬†Silly pony! ¬†So, we’re spending a lot of one on one time together, Ms. Thang and I.

While I may not find the stalls ideal, Casey is happy. ¬†He’s not weaving at all. ¬†He can see out on 3 sides and the wall between him and Molly is not solid, so he can see her and see out her side too. ¬†He’s… ¬†content. ¬†Not something I’ve seen from him very often. ¬†And I must say, it’s nice to be able to get the horses out of the muck!

9 weeks, first bath at home

Already posing for pictures!

In addition to the stalls, we’ve gotten the green light to put in raised beds for a garden. ¬†The LL even suggested a spot for tomato and vining crops, where he, in the past had a garden. ¬†This saves us some space in the raised beds. ¬†So, hopefully we will start the process of getting set up when BP returns, this weekend.

School with Dude, spring cleaning and pony therapy take up all my non-puppy time.  Barrow and I have another show coming up on the 19th, Doodle arrives for her 2-week Spring Break on the 21st and BP comes home this Friday, late.  Somewhere I need to fit time in for sleep and blog reading.  Thankfully, Barrow is starting to sleep through the night.

Dude will be stretching his own Spring Break by a week, and taking it two weeks early (we will work while the rest of the school is on Spring Break later). ¬†I am so looking forward to Spring Break! ¬†No school for two whole weeks! ¬†I really think I need a break. ¬†This online/homeschooling gig is wearing on me. ¬†It’s like having a full time job!

Anyways, I’d better get Dude back on task if I ever want to get done with school for the day.

How was your weekend? ¬†How’s your week shaping up so far?

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You know, this sun setting before 7pm thing has gotten old. ¬†I’m tired of looking up from whatever I’m doing to find that it’s dark outside. ¬†And once again, I need to go feed with the headlamp on so I can see.

Casey and Molly often “discuss” ¬†this¬†phenomenon.

Molly: Oh Holy Crap! ¬†There’s a One Eyed Cyclops coming to EAT US! ¬†*snort, snort, blow*

Casey: Shut up, you dumb Beeyotch! ¬†It’s just MOM. ¬†*kick*

Molly (scooting out of Casey’s reach): NO! ¬†REALLY! ¬†IT’S GOING TO EAT US! ¬†*thunder of hooves, snort, snort*

Casey: Look, DUMB-DUMB, it’s MOM. ¬†She brings FOOD. ¬†SEE? ¬†Now get the F* away from MY food! ¬†*kick*

Molly:  Um, food?  Oooh-Kayyy! *approaches snorting and giving me the eye*

Casey: Are you a Quarter Horse?  Or are you one of those silly, air-headed Arabs?  Really!  Just shut up and eat your food!

Molly: Um, yes, FOOD! ¬†*snort* ¬†But, I’m STILL not sure the Cyclops isn’t just trying to fatten us up to eat! *blow*

Casey: *sigh, chomp, chomp*

Molly: Hey!  IT REALLY IS FOOD!  FOOOOOOOODDDD! (Cyclops promptly forgotten)

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Dear Alaska,

Thank you so very much for sending the beautiful snow on Christmas. ¬†I really, really enjoyed such a lovely, sentimental taste of home! ¬† I have been missing your majestic beauty, yes that’s true. ¬†I have been missing my friends there very much as well. ¬†However, could you please not send me another ice storm? ¬†Really, I’d be happy if you kept them to yourself. ¬† ¬†Or, at least wait until I’m properly prepared with a snow shovel, ice grips and ice melt? ¬†This having to chip ice off the driveway to make a safe path to carry water to the horses with a clam-digging shovel the Landlord has laying around is really for the birds! ¬†And where in the heck is he digging clams here? ¬†The ocean is more than 5 hours away!

Really, I don’t mind the hauling of multiple buckets of ¬†water for 100 yrds a couple times a day or the cold, but better footing is much appreciated for future reference. ¬†Oh, and can you wait until I’m not sick and Bad Pants isn’t injured? ¬†K, thanks!



PS I don’t think Molly enjoys the crunch of the ice covered snow under her hooves much. ¬†It’s weirding her out!

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The temps here have taken a nosedive over the weekend.  We went from highs of 63 degrees on Saturday to 34 on Sunday, 27 yesterday and 33 today.

I decided to blanket the horses. ¬†Sorry natural horse people, my ponies just aren’t happy with that sudden decrease in temps. ¬†Casey was acting out and as¬†fidgety¬†as I’ve ever seen him. ¬†Once I got his blanket on, he settled right down and was back to his calmer self. ¬†“Better already”, he said. ¬† Unfortunately, his blanket, which is brand new and purchased off the interwebs, is a wee bit small. ¬†Both Case and Molly wear the same size. ¬†Only, apparently, in this brand, Casey needs a warmblood sized blanket as his belly is hanging out a bit. ¬†Molly’s is a perfect fit though!

I’ll be unblanketing them in the morning, when the sun is shining and putting the blankets back on tomorrow evening before dark. ¬†I don’t care what the LL says. ¬†My ponies, while hairy, definitely appreciated the blanketing. ¬†It’s certainly NOT going to make them sick, as he told me when I put a sheet on Molly to keep her clean for pictures. ¬†Yeah, I’m sure you know what I think of that. ¬†After all, this isn’t my first rodeo.

It looks like the weather will warm up again by Saturday to quit blanketing at night. ¬†I can’t wait! ¬†Because this cold weather and water hauling stuff is getting old and it’s only been a few days.

So, any blanket recommendations?

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How To Use Mommy-itis To Your Advantage

1. Go out and check on your horses late at night when most people (and critters) are asleep or settled down for the night.

2. Whistle for horses- get no answer.

3. Call horses- get ignored.

4. Call some more! ¬†Worry you’re disturbing the neighbors.

5. Whistle again.

6. Go inside and get the big Maglite.

7. Whistle again, call and shine the light around the pasture.

8. Locate horses, shine the flashlight in their eyes.

9. Shine the flashlight in their eyes again and see if they’re paying attention to you. ¬†Check to see if they’re all right.

10. Annoy horses with flashlight enough that they get up or leave what they’re doing and come over to you.

11. Give them a quick pat and go back inside.

12.  Repeat steps 1-11 until horses start coming to you on first whistle.  Routinely bring out flashlight and use it anyways just to keep them on their toes.

I didn’t intend for this to be how I taught Molly and Casey to come to a whistle. ¬†Really, I didn’t! ¬†I swear! ¬†But after waking one or the other up, shining the flashlight at them enough to make sure they were really ok and not down, injured, sick, hurt or otherwise, both Mol and Case learned to come at the first whistle every time. ¬†They find life after dark more pleasant that way.

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