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Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to lately around the farm:

Moo's colorful shed out

My brother's visit- he drove 3000 miles to cut up some trees for us.

More of my brother's handy work. It's so much easier to see off the deck without that silly, overgrown arborvitae in the way! As you can see, it was also in an obnoxious place at the bottom of the stairs.

Peeps! Some for eating, some for laying.

More peeps! These are Black Jersey Giants. They remind me of pandas when they're little with their coloring, but will turn all black as grown ups. They are slower to mature and will be HUGE chickens, weighing on average as much as a small turkey. These are to be layers for now.

Birthday present for Bad Pants. ūüôā

Some of BP's handy work (and a Roxanne) to protect new grill from a certain nutty Aussie (coughCOPPERcough). The gate matches the decorative fanning on the deck. The carabiner clip is to keep Rox and Bear from opening the gate. It's located safely away from anywhere Bear could get his jaw stuck on it.

Hay net frustration and suspicion. Mwhahahahahaha! It took them a good 30 minutes to get over it the first time, 15 the second, and were old pros the third time.

In fact, Sugar had to show the other horses how it was done. Here, she pauses from eating to pose for her photo op.

Rox has a new playmate!

Her very own, wiggly, mini-me! That's right! We adopted a new pup from a kill shelter on Saturday. Lyra (puppy) is a Mastiff/Lab x pup, 4 mo old, very shy and under-socialized, with feet larger than Roxanne's, but very quickly coming out of her shell. She's not up for holding still for photo ops now that she realizes we won't eat her.

Beyond this, we’ve just been working on getting stuff done around here. ¬†You know, mowing our 2 acre lawn with a push mower because the riding mower that came with the house is really, actually broken. ¬†Rolling hay rounds, fixing things, etc.

That’s all that’s new here. ¬†How about with you? ¬†What’ve you been up to?

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Feb 4, 2012- day after pick up


Taken after being cleaned up a lot


Seven weeks later:

March 24, 2012- dirty but out playing


Starting to grow again and parasite free


Muse has come a long, long way in 7 weeks. ¬†She is no longer wormy and thin. ¬†She’s regained all the weight she desperately needed and has started to grow again. ¬†The first two pictures were taken after a bath, groom, and clip session on Feb. 4, 2012, the morning after her “rescue”. ¬†I still cannot believe I had to involve a lawyer to receive the horse I was under contract to pay for.

The last two pics are from today, March 24, 2012. ¬†She’s dirty because she’s been out playing. ¬†Much different than being dirty from neglect.

I’m happy to report that her biting issues are resolving. ¬†She’s re-learning how to lead and learning to stand for grooming.

Muse will not be staying black. ¬†It’s been reported that she is graying as she sheds her winter coat. ¬†That’s alright! ¬†She’ll look great even if she turns purple!

It’s also reported that she loves to cut the pony as though he is a cow at her current training facility. ¬†I suppose we’ll have to go play with cows to give her a break from dressage training when she’s older. ¬†ūüôā

Muse will be staying out West a while longer, we’ve decided, until she’s fully over her biting issues and her remedial education is caught up. ¬†We look forward to moving her home by this fall.

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Well, mine was…





Mine was just ducky!  Thanks for asking!


*Note: They are all named “Delicious”, so don’t get too attached. ¬†Noisy and messy little buggers will be going to freezer camp in a few months after they help keep the garden slug-free.

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It’s bee a while since I’ve been here. ¬†Lots of happenings have kept me away. ¬†Let’s see… ¬†Illness, unpacking, more fencing, bad weather, more bad weather, great weather, gardening, colic, tornado, injury, new family member… ¬†I think that’s about right.

I never did find my battery charger for my camera, so I bought a new one.  Bad Pants finally unpacked the card reader.  So, this is mostly a picture post catching up on things.

Roxanne's attempt to "unzip" herself, mostly healed.

Wearing Daddy's t-shirt to keep her stitches and my floor clean- this was earlier than the first pic, as she still had her drain tubes in.

New living room set we purchased right before Rox unzipped herself.

Dude's dye-free, completely from scratch gingerbread house.

another view

Pasture space upon move in, and garden.

Pasture space, run-in and ponies March 2012. Note the front paddock and run-in were all the builder provided for 4 horses.

One of the cleared piles ready to burn on move in.

Builder's version of "burned" burn piles.

Shingle damage to the cottage from the storms.

This guy showed up on Feb 29 while Sugar was colicking. We've had no luck locating his owners.

He's a redtick coonhound, which are apparently a dime a dozen here in the South. No microchip, no response to my ads, no lost reports with AC. It was suggested by the vet that he was probably dumped, as that's not uncommon in our area.

He's about 18 months old, really well-behaved, clearly has had some training, doesn't dig or jump fences, is good with other dogs, and mostly good with the cats. He's very friendly and housebroken too.

So, we're keeping him. He's adopted Dude as his person. We've named him "Bob" or "Bobby", depending on the day. Soon he will be scheduled for a neuter, microchip and vaccs. He'll never be a stray again!

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I’ll take a moment from my do nothing day (I’m calling it vacation) to give a couple more short updates.

For those of you already in the know, Roxanne is doing well and had her drains removed today. ¬†For those of you not in the know, she went through a window shortly after we turned in the U-haul truck. ¬†The window was already cracked and we were out buying the stuff to board it up. ¬†Long story short, she apparently was protecting the house and ended up with 64 stitches and 2 drains, along with mega antibiotics that the pharmacist thought was a misprint on the script and had to verify the dosing. ¬†(No, it was NOT. ¬†That’s what you give a 101# dog who ripped herself open stem to stern, even if it is all superficial).

My baby girl is growing like a weed! ¬†I can’t wait to meet her!


Muse is standing next to a 17.2hh draft mare there.


Chubby little thing, isn’t she?

By the beginning of October, she had already hit 15hh at less than 18 months old. ¬†Both her parents are 16hh even. ¬†Anyone want to hazard a guess as to whether or not she’ll surpass them in height?

I am currently having a “staycation” and sleeping in every day while I can. ¬†No fencing up here just yet, so no ponies at home. ¬†Trying to not let that stress me and trying really hard to just relax for a couple days.

I’m reading blogs, but not commenting much since Dude has been monopolizing my laptop to do school until his desktop is all set up, which will be sometime this weekend.

Hopefully I’ll have something wise and witty to say here in the near future. ¬†In the mean time, I’ll be around!

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While some of you, my friends, are participating in NaNoMo this month, I will be much too busy to join you.  Why is that?  Well, let me give you a hint:

5 bed, 3 bath, 4000sf

12 acres total, about 5 newly cleared

and when I’m all done moving into all that, you will be able to find me here, with a glass of wine:

We move in the weekend before Thanksgiving. ¬†I’ve got a lot to pack!

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For those of you who haven’t befriended me on Facebook, I’ve been quite busy with a new project. ¬† I’ve been so busy, in fact, that I have put the Bake-Off on hold for a bit.

So, without further ado, let me show you what’s been going on.

**WARNING: Graphic photos** 

While I admit that the photos I will be sharing below are not that bad, IMO, I do realize they could upset some readers. ¬†So, if you’re one of those, please feel free to skip this post entirely and know I took in a skinny, starving mare near death and I’m working on making her better.






Meet Sugar, a 14hh, upper-teens, stock horse type mare.

Just 12 days ago, I helped rescue an abandoned horse at the end of our road. ¬†Her owners didn’t want her any more and turned her loose, just like that. ¬†She’d been fending for herself for some time in a swampy area. ¬†But, in case you haven’t heard, Georgia is in the midst of a drought. ¬†Our ponds are mostly dried up and the grass had been dormant for most of the summer. ¬†So , the swamp was dry, with no water and no nutrition in the grasses she was eating.
Mind you, this is the second horse I’ve found since moving to Georgia. ¬†You can read about the first one here.
I told my husband I was going to go take a look at her. ¬†He told me we just couldn’t take on another horse. ¬†We’re already full up here. ¬†AND he’d just purchased another for me a few days previously as a surprise. ¬†(I knew about it. ¬†Oddly, he bought her that SUNDAY night. ¬†It’ll be some time before I bring her to Georgia though, as she’s a baby and in Oregon).
So, he protested mildly.
After seeing the plight of this little mare, at how painfully thin she was (and still is), and seeing her old injuries that weren’t cared for, my heart broke. ¬†I spent the next half hour trying to get the owner to relinquish her to my custody (and he was a scary, strung out, tweaker dude!), followed by 90 minutes of slow walking to move her the two miles it was to my house. ¬†I could not leave her there. ¬†I simply couldn’t. ¬†A couple more weeks on her own and this mare would have died, if she hadn’t wandered out into the road and been hit by a car first, causing a terrible accident and loss of lives.
During that walk, I prayed that we’d make it home safely. ¬†That Sugar wouldn’t go down, and would have the strength to make it to my house. ¬†I sweet talked that little mare the whole way home too, calling her “Sugar HoneyBaby” and begging her to not go down on me, all the while pleading with God to keep vehicles from flying up the road at us, causing an accident, or spook, or worse.
We made it home. ¬†Sugar was in pitiful condition. ¬†I gave thanks for our safe journey. ¬†I gave thanks that my husband’s soft heart caved when he saw her. ¬†And since then, I’ve worked hard to put weight on Sugar and to make her comfortable. ¬†She’s gaining steadily (52 lbs the first week), but she’s not out of the woods yet.
It’s also been financially tight for us to take Sugar on right now. ¬†Not only did we just pay a substantial amount of money for my new filly, but my husband’s company announced they were changing our pay cycle and we’d be going an extra week before being paid again, all on a payday that is already reserved for rent and bill and whatnot. ¬†But some how, so far, the Universe has provided, not just for us, but for Sugar too. ¬†(Because, rehabbing a horse is VERY expensive. ¬†In 11 days she’s cost roughly what I spend on my two horses here at home for a three week period).
I de-wormed Sugar yesterday, as she was finally strong enough for a mild de-wormer (pyrantel, if you’re wondering). ¬†Even then, I was deeply worried about a chance of colicking. ¬†Oddly, colic and founder are my worst fears when it comes to my horses. ¬†I’ve never really had to deal with either (except a little belly ache with Casey because he was cold last winter). ¬†So, I checked on her hourly, until after midnight. ¬†She’s fine today, a little quiet, but fine.
In the past 12 days, I’ve been able to piece together that Sugar was someone’s beloved, well-trained baby in the past. ¬†She blankets like a pro, even lowers her head to put on and take off the blanket, de-worms without need of a halter and doesn’t fuss, and is about the easiest going mare I’ve ever known. ¬†Of course, with some additional weight, some of that may change.
I don’t know much about her past and I can only guess at it from what I observe. ¬†I do know she came with a calcified knee injury, but I don’t know how old it is. ¬†She needs her teeth floated, but appears to be about 16-18. ¬†She fly sprays like a champ. ¬†She spooks sometimes, but she spooks in place.¬† She has an eye injury that has left her with some vision impairment. ¬†And she spooks when strangers she doesn’t know approach her from the left, the eye with the vision impairment. ¬†Once she knows and trusts you, she’ll follow you anywhere and actively seek out your company.
Sugar came with the name, “Cocoa”, but we changed it for obvious reasons. ¬†I’m told that she is papered and that her previous, previous owners would just give me her papers. ¬†But so far, that hasn’t happened. ¬†At this point I haven’t been able to find out anything more about her. ¬†Not her registered name or breed or date of birth. ¬†But that’s ok. ¬†I’m learning about Sugar all the time, just by what she shows me.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a broken down old mare to go love on and a stall to strip. ¬†ūüôā

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Wanna put a touch of the exotic in your barn? ¬†In love with spots? ¬†I happen to know that this little girl is for sale for only $1800! ¬†Doesn’t she look like she’s wearing a jaguar hide? ¬†Contact me if you want more info on her. ¬†She’s located in the Pacific Northwest.

*Did I mention she’s 1/2 Friesian? ¬†Did I mention she’s also the half sister to my filly?

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Sucker For Blondes

My first horse loves were palomino geldings. ¬†It’s been many, many years, but I have vague memories of pony rides on Oats at the tender age of 5, feeding Maize in our yard (because his teen owner had rolled him down a hill and through barbed wire by the highway and his grandparents couldn’t deal with his medical needs) when I was 7, and then Sunny, the beautiful, golden boy that was the first horse I ever lunged and my first experience with horse sales at age 14. ¬†Sunny was owned by the breeding farm I worked at. ¬†And I cried for days when he left us. ¬†My heart simply broke.

Mare, gelding, foal or stallion. ¬†It doesn’t seem to matter. ¬†I am just a sucker for blondes.

I even love my own little blondie girl.


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George, the little cat whom we were told would only live a single month at most when we adopted him, gave us his heart for 19 months instead.  In the end, his little, tiny body began to fail him.

It’s amazing at how a tiny, sickly, old cat could steal so many hearts in such a short time. ¬†From being locked in a car on a hot July day, saved by shaving, fluids and an ice bath to making a nearly 3000 mile journey cross-country, George has had a tremendous ending to his life, in which we spent spoiling him and filling with love every day.

I doubt I will ever eat turkey again without thinking of the little cat we bribed to make it to and through each holiday.

We returned him to the Universe today.  He will be sorely missed.  I hope Heaven has provided him with turkey and Grandmas laps.

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