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I’ve been so very busy with getting the stalls finished and with Barrow, the new puppy!  Doesn’t help that Bad Pants is gone to Portland for work this week.  I just feel… behind in everything!

8 weeks, first meeting at the show

He LOVES BP's goatee!

Our stalls are finished and the horses seem happy.  It’s easier to spend quality time with them this way as Casey tends to become possessive and cranky when he sees me.  He doesn’t want Molly near me, though he behaves if I go to her.  Silly pony!  So, we’re spending a lot of one on one time together, Ms. Thang and I.

While I may not find the stalls ideal, Casey is happy.  He’s not weaving at all.  He can see out on 3 sides and the wall between him and Molly is not solid, so he can see her and see out her side too.  He’s…  content.  Not something I’ve seen from him very often.  And I must say, it’s nice to be able to get the horses out of the muck!

9 weeks, first bath at home

Already posing for pictures!

In addition to the stalls, we’ve gotten the green light to put in raised beds for a garden.  The LL even suggested a spot for tomato and vining crops, where he, in the past had a garden.  This saves us some space in the raised beds.  So, hopefully we will start the process of getting set up when BP returns, this weekend.

School with Dude, spring cleaning and pony therapy take up all my non-puppy time.  Barrow and I have another show coming up on the 19th, Doodle arrives for her 2-week Spring Break on the 21st and BP comes home this Friday, late.  Somewhere I need to fit time in for sleep and blog reading.  Thankfully, Barrow is starting to sleep through the night.

Dude will be stretching his own Spring Break by a week, and taking it two weeks early (we will work while the rest of the school is on Spring Break later).  I am so looking forward to Spring Break!  No school for two whole weeks!  I really think I need a break.  This online/homeschooling gig is wearing on me.  It’s like having a full time job!

Anyways, I’d better get Dude back on task if I ever want to get done with school for the day.

How was your weekend?  How’s your week shaping up so far?

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I’ve spent the last 3 1/2 weeks wrapped, bandaged or band-aided.  And if you have to be injured that long, you should get to have your bandages be fun and colorful.

Bandages have come such a long, long way in the last 29 years (when I was 6).  No longer do you have a choice just between new, groovy fabric band aids and the original plastic ones, you get to pick from a myriad of colors, characters and styles!

First, I went through 4 rolls of vet wrap.  Black, blue, pink and purple.  I tried name brand Vet Wrap and Co-Flex both.  I prefer Co-Flex because it tears nicer and you don’t have to cut it from the roll when you’re done wrapping.  Although, Vet Wrap feels softer on your skin and is more flexible.  (From here on out, I will be stocking my barn with Co-Flex- who has time to go look for scissors?)

I spent the holidays all fun and colorful.  I also learned that non-stick gauze pads CAN and DO stick!  I’ve used enough peroxide to soak off gauze pads to have turned any one of my readers blonde.

From there, I graduated to giant band aids designed for knees.  The suck about this is that they’re less absorbent than the gauze/vet wrap combo and I had to change it 2-3 times a day.  But, I had more use of my elbow since it wasn’t stuck out straight from vet wrap.  Unfortunately, giant band aids only come in band aid flesh tone.

Once that graduation occurred, I became quite bored with the same ol’, same ol’ on my elbow.  I began to dream of the day I could move down to regular band aids!  What would I choose?  Hello Kitty?  Scooby Doo?  Power Rangers?  Crayons?  Just plain band aids in bright colors?

I decided I wanted pony band aids.  Of course I wanted pony band aids!  I always want the thing that’s hard to find!  Guess what?  Pony band aids don’t exist.  Not even My Little Pony band aids.  But, I wasn’t out of luck!  I found these:

(Pardon the bad shot.  Bad Pants just taught me how to turn the macro setting on.  I didn’t know about it until AFTER I took the pics.)

Pretty cool, huh?  But wait!  It gets better!  Did you see the words “Free Prize inside”?  They’re kinda like a box of Cracker Jacks!  Only, with a much, much less awesome prize.  See for yourself:

Neither of my girls would have found that puffy lips sticker cool when they were 6.  I dunno but I might have!  Sticker collecting was all the rage then in the ’80s.

But wait!  Did you see this?

Now I know why the Red Bull gathered all the Unicorns up and herded them to the end of the Earth!  It’s become clear that King Haggard sold them to the Chinese so they could hold the Unicorns in captivity, collecting their tears for their awesome healing powers!  And to think that when I was 6, I wanted to travel the world in search of  Unicorns!  They’ve been enslaved in China all this time!

Free the Unicorns!  Free the Unicorns!  Free the Unicorns!  Free the Unicorns!

Ahem!  Pardon my zealousness, but I don’t think King Haggard did the world any favors, nor his kingdom, by selling the Unicorns to Communist China.   After all, it didn’t keep his kingdom nor his castle from falling into poverty.

Ok, where were we again?  Oh yes, the healing powers of Unicorn tears and their uses in band aids.

See the new skin underneath the band aid? The owie was much, much larger! Now only the hole remains, which fits under the pad on the band aid.

I’m waiting for skin growth at this point as everything below that point to the bone has filled in, finally.  I’ll let you know if the Unicorn Tears speed up my healing.  In the mean time, please pray for the release of the Unicorns!

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This afternoon, my study session with Dude was interrupted by a couple loud thumps on my front porch.  My house shook with the thumps.  When I went out to find out the cause, I found a small white box that the mailman apparently “dropped”.  (Cranky, maybe?)

Once inside, I opened the box (photo withheld to keep address private), and this is what I found:


Yummy Chummies for the dogs!

Books and keychains!

Did you get a close enough look at the cheese?  Well, look again:


Thank you, AKPonyGirl, this is one of the most touching gifts I’ve ever received.  We will think of you with every bite!

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Mr Handy

A few weeks ago, Bad Pants made a simple change in the kitchen that has made our lives A LOT easier.

Our kitchen really hasn’t been updated since 1940.  And since this is a rental, things sometimes are in roughish shape.

In this instance, our pantry was missing a shelf.  Or should have had a shelf.  Or something like that.  You can see the shelf BP put in for me below:

Nice handiwork, huh?  Now, imagine instead of a shelf, there was just a gaping hole and the bottom was filled with clutter.  Yeah, I was trying to be organized and cook with that mess.

Now there is a shelf!  And cannisters to hold ingredients!  So much tidier and easier to find everything!

My husband, he’s a handy guy to have around!  Thanks Honey!

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Spoiled, Much?

Roxanne likes to be tucked in at night.  She gets cold otherwise, even with the heat on.  Do you think she’s spoiled much?


“Who?  Me?”

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Today, I made dinner rolls from scratch.  Yummy, scrumptious, perfectly poofy and sweet rolls.  They were supposed to be part of our dinner and my main inspiration for making dinner.

Bad Pants pulled them out of the oven when he noticed that the timer on the stove said “End” and I clearly hadn’t heard it go off.  Lucky, I suppose, as he’s saved them from burning.

We each tried one, hot from the oven.  They were…  heavenly!  The best I’d ever made!  So, BP put them to cool on the counter, covered with a clean dish cloth.  He went back to his office to finish up some work and I, I went out to feed the horses and check Casey over since he seemed a wee bit lame.

Bad Pants came out to help me after about 15 minutes.  We spent another 10-15 minutes with the horses and came back in.  He asked, “Honey, where are the rolls?”

“On the counter where you left them.  Why?”

“Um, they’re not there now”.

Instantly I KNEW.  My good dog, this sweet face:

This wonderful dog who helps me day to day, this dog who got upset with her daddy when I was sobbing yesterday (over Freya- she blamed him for my upset), this same dog who put herself between him and I, crawling into my lap and warning him away from me.   This same dog who HAS NEVER counter-surfed ever before,


Yes!  This dog, the one Aunt Krissy called a “marshmallow”.  The dog who cuddles with me every morning after Bad Pants gets out of bed.  The dog who has taken care of me when I’m an emotional wreck and who tells me when somebody is at the door, or when a “friend” shows up hopped up on something.

Roxie Lynn ate my dinner!  She almost became a new pair of shoes.

Could you stay mad at that face?  Me neither!

From now on, I’ll push the rolls back away from the edge of the counter.

No more rolls for you, Roxie Lynn!

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It doesn’t hurt any less.

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The Varsity is an iconic fast food eatery in midtown Atlanta.  It has been featured on Food Network a few times and is most notorious for their sing-song greeting at the counter of “What’ll ya have?  What’ll ya have?”

The Varsity has been around since 1928, serving the students of Georgia Tech and the surrounding community.  The Varsity is also touted as the largest drive-in world wide.  You can learn more about the Varsity’s history here.

We decided to check out The Varsity after spending the day at the Georgia Aquarium.  After all, we were just a few blocks away.  Why not check out this world famous joint?

The food, mainly burgers and dogs, were surprisingly really good!  The fries were fresh potatoes, not something cut, dipped in sugar and frozen for months on end- like other fast food restaurants.  There was some debate between Bad Pants and I if they were as good or better than my memory of the fresh, Yukon Gold fries of In-N-Out in California.  Bad Pants has been to In-N-Out in the last couple months.  He says The Varsity’s fries, which come from your basic Russet Potato were better.

The car hops are known for dancing while singing the menu aloud to customers.  We, however, did not get that experience as we ate inside this time.  Perhaps next time and hopefully we’ll get video!

All told, The Varsity was an awesome experience.  We tried fries, onion rings (which BP says are the best he’s ever had), burgers and hot dogs.  The simple, All-American fare was most excellent.  We highly recommend it to anyone traveling to the Atlanta area.

After all, it’s kid tested and 100% approved!

They can’t wait to go back!

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I can hardly believe you are 9 years old today!

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Saw this in downtown ATL and was a bit taken aback.

Ok, so it wasn’t warped like that.

However, the name is…  intriguing.

Bad Pants and I raised an eyebrow and laughed at the inuendo.  Doodle, in her cuteness, said it reminded her of the cat-bus from My Neighbor Tortoro.  We laughed, at the thought of a cat-bus being like a cat-house- ie, the other name for a den of iniquity.

I imagined the inside looking like this:

Complete with a few scantily clad ladies lounging around and a little smoky haze.  In reality, this is the interior of the Fur Bus.

Doodle, however, meant this:

Oh!  The minds of the innocent!

As for the real Fur Bus, I’m not really sure I want to know.  Let someone else play out their Austin Powers-esque dreams in it.

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