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Feb 4, 2012- day after pick up


Taken after being cleaned up a lot


Seven weeks later:

March 24, 2012- dirty but out playing


Starting to grow again and parasite free


Muse has come a long, long way in 7 weeks.  She is no longer wormy and thin.  She’s regained all the weight she desperately needed and has started to grow again.  The first two pictures were taken after a bath, groom, and clip session on Feb. 4, 2012, the morning after her “rescue”.  I still cannot believe I had to involve a lawyer to receive the horse I was under contract to pay for.

The last two pics are from today, March 24, 2012.  She’s dirty because she’s been out playing.  Much different than being dirty from neglect.

I’m happy to report that her biting issues are resolving.  She’s re-learning how to lead and learning to stand for grooming.

Muse will not be staying black.  It’s been reported that she is graying as she sheds her winter coat.  That’s alright!  She’ll look great even if she turns purple!

It’s also reported that she loves to cut the pony as though he is a cow at her current training facility.  I suppose we’ll have to go play with cows to give her a break from dressage training when she’s older.  🙂

Muse will be staying out West a while longer, we’ve decided, until she’s fully over her biting issues and her remedial education is caught up.  We look forward to moving her home by this fall.

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