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Oh My!  I have had the most number of injuries at once, ever in my life this past month!

First, I broke a big toe nail that bled.  Then, in my klutziness, managed to whack same said toenail a couple more times, causing the breakage to extend deeper and be harder to repair each time.

This was followed by the probing by the aliens.  (The road rash is mostly gone, the hole slowly healing and my knee is still so deeply bruised 14 days later that I can’t put any pressure on it still).

Then, robots had set a booby trap at my front door.  Just as I was bringing in a stack of boxes (I know!  I carried them with my injured arm and shouldn’t have!), they activated their trap and the door bit me in the Achilles tendon HARD.  And of course, I was barefoot.  I couldn’t wear any shoes with a back for about a week.

Just a couple days later, Sloan thought he saw ghosts in the house and took off running, right under my feet as I was trying to walk.  I avoided squishing the poor kitty, but landed wrong and dislocated a bone in my foot.  The same foot as the one with the seriously bruised heel.

I tried to go vet wrap free on my elbow 10 days after the initial injury, only the skin wasn’t ready to be exposed to air.  It became brittle and cracked.  So, healing was delayed a bit.  (I am safely ensconced in pink vet wrap as I type this).

I played ponies with the kids, then carried a cordura saddle on my hip with my bad arm, re-damaging the skin over the hole.  It popped back open.

I have had to sit out of most of our holiday festivities.  I gave up control of decorating the tree to the kids, sitting back and watching Doodle place all the ornaments she hung with faces, facing inward.  (Were they embarrassed of the tree, I wonder?)

After the tree was put up, I happened to notice it looked a little… off… on Christmas Eve.  A ninja was hiding in our tree, lying in wait for Santa.  I couldn’t possibly let anything happen to Santa, thereby disappointing small children the world over.  So, I quickly engaged the Ninja hiding in our tree head on.  Unfortunately, he had back up.  As I dispatched the last ninja, a star fell out of his hand, puncturing my toe.  The same toe that already has a broken nail.  The star left a puncture, a gash and a deep bruise.  It’s being held together now by glue.  But at least Santa is safe!

Cookie making was turned over to Kitty, with Molasses Men cutouts being done by her with Dude and Doodle.  (Thanks Allison for the recipe!)

Dog biscuits and horse treats did not get made.  Instead, the dogs enjoyed the yummy chummies sent by AKPonyGirl.  The ponies ate a warm mush of oats, molasses, applesauce, carrots and apples.

I have been a good girl, sitting on my butt doing nothing for the last couple days.  It seems that’s the only way I can avoid injury.  I am even afraid to venture out into the snow for fear of falling and breaking my… nose.  Let’s go with that.

Oh yes!  It snowed on Christmas and the day after.  We’ve had about an inch of accumulation.  It’s been a Christmas miracle here in the south.  I’d like to think Freya sent it and was smiling down on me.

Speaking of Freya, I’m just quietly trying to get through this holiday and anniversary season without her.  Her rescue on Christmas Eve and the phone call I received on my birthday all those years ago still remains the best present I’ve ever received.  (You can briefly read about that here).

Happy Birthday to me today.  I think I’m just going to stay curled up here on the couch with Rock’em so I don’t injure myself further.  Let me know when December is finally over and hope the monkeys and pirates don’t make a visit to my house any time soon!

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