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Saw this in downtown ATL and was a bit taken aback.

Ok, so it wasn’t warped like that.

However, the name is…  intriguing.

Bad Pants and I raised an eyebrow and laughed at the inuendo.  Doodle, in her cuteness, said it reminded her of the cat-bus from My Neighbor Tortoro.  We laughed, at the thought of a cat-bus being like a cat-house- ie, the other name for a den of iniquity.

I imagined the inside looking like this:

Complete with a few scantily clad ladies lounging around and a little smoky haze.  In reality, this is the interior of the Fur Bus.

Doodle, however, meant this:

Oh!  The minds of the innocent!

As for the real Fur Bus, I’m not really sure I want to know.  Let someone else play out their Austin Powers-esque dreams in it.

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